One Year: Read the Bible

At Cedar Hill Lutheran we love to grow our relationship with God through His word. In 2019, we as a congregation devoted ourselves to reading through the entire Bible in one year with the help of an app "" (created by The Bible Project) that you can download to help you track each day's readings. 

If you want to redo the One Year Challenge, or missed it the first time, don't worry! You can do it yourself and and start anytime. The ReadScripture app makes it easy to read at your own pace or set daily reminders for that extra push. It divides each book into readable sections and chapters, and offers a summary video and extra materials to help you understand what you're reading.

READSCRIPTURE.ORG (Visit to download the app to your smartphone or tablet.)

You can also visit their main site: The Bible Project, for more resources and information on how to read and understand the Bible.