The Congregation/The Voter's Assembly

President: David Krumm;  Vice President: Shane St. Clair;  Secretary: Tracie King;  Treasurer: Cindy Schuler;

Office Manager: Caitlyn Gensler, Custodian: Crystal Lang



We are called as Christians to spread the gospel. This includes reaching out to our members and community using a variety of resources: public preaching, personal witnessing, managing our website and Facebook pages, plus using other media and events to share the love of Jesus. Chairman Aaron Gensler; Vice Chairman: Matthew Gensler.



“Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another, for whoever loves others has fulfilled the law. Romans 13:8 (NIV)”.

There are over 2000 verses in the bible in regards to money. At CHLC we have a dedicated group to manage God's money from counting offerings from our generous congregation, to preparing various financial budgets and reports. Chairperson: Linda Barajas; Vice Chairperson: Barb Gooch



This ministry covers many aspects of spreading Christ's love. It includes our Elders, Intercessory Prayer chain, Adult Bible study leaders, Youth Group leaders, Librarian, Stewardship and Education. For more information on any of these, please contact any of our Elders. 


Nuture-Education: We believe that our children's knowledge of Christ, and His love, first comes from home. We offer to stand beside you and help you reaffirm what your children are already learning through our Sunday School classes and Vacation Bible School (in the summer), and confirmation materials. Any of the Sunday School Leaders will be able to answer questions you may have. Chairperson: Georgia Zarbo; Vice Chairperson: Jaime Kositzke; Superintendent: AVAILABLE

Sunday School: classes meet every week during the school year and start at 10:30 AM. They are divided into groups from Pre-School - 6th grade.  

Youth Group: After 6th grade, tweens and teens may join our Youth Group that meets Monday evenings from 6-7:30pm. Youth Leaders: Ron & Kathy Gensler


Social Ministry

Christ's love and the Gospel is meant for everyone. This is how we share that love with our church family and surrounding community. This includes our: Dollar Help, Compassion, Heaven's Supply Pantry, Family Life, Financial counseling, and Transportation ministries.  Chairperson: Marilyn McCanless; Vice Chairperson: open

Grace Day subcommittee: Grace Day is an annual back-to-school event that coordinates with 6+ Jefferson County, Missouri LCMS (Lutheran Church Missouri Synod) churches. The churches come together to collect and distribute things that every child needs to begin school every fall!  Volunteers serve children and their families by distributing backpacks, school supplies, shoes, socks, underwear, household items and hygiene items.

**Click the link to watch the event from 2020:



The LCMS defines Christian Stewardship as the free and joyous activity of  God's family-the church-in managing life's resources for God's purposes. You are a child of God and member of God’s family! We want to help you live lives dedicated to using the gifts God has given you for His purposes and to His glory. Chairperson: Leann King;  Vice Chairperson: Cheri Perry



The physical building and grounds God has blessed our congregation with, are cared for by the Trustees. This includes everything from cutting the grass outside to building repairs and our kitchen staff.  Vice Chairperson: Ron Cody; Vice Chairperson: James King



All of the members in the Ministry of Worship contribute to our church services. Many you will notice, but some of them do much behind the scenes that you never see. These areas of service include: Acolytes, Altar Guild, Eucharist Bread and Banner makers, Lay Readers, Nursery Room, Sound Board, Ushers, and Worship Music.  If interested in serving in these areas please contact an Elder or the office.