March 6th 7:00pm  Ash Wednesday "The King's Wisdom" No Dinner

March 13th 7:00pm "The King Betrayed" Dinner 6:15pm provided by Youth Group

March 20th 7:00pm "The King Denied" Dinner 6:15pm provided by Pastor's Bible Study Group

March 27th 7:00pm "The King Condemned" Dinner 6:15pm provided by Trustees & Finance Ministries

April 3rd 7:00pm "The King Mocked" Dinner 6:15pm provided by Evangelism & Social Ministries

April 10th 7:00pm "The King of The Cross" Dinner 6:15pm provided by Elders & Stewardship Ministry

April 18th 7:00pm  Maundy Thusrday "The King's Feast" No Dinner 

April 19th 7:00pm  Good Friday "The King Forsaken" No Dinner

April 21st 6:30am "Easter Sunrise Service" (outside weather permitting)  10:00am Easter Service